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Wyoming Gun Owners on Nina Webber:
What is Sandy Newsome Trying to Hide?

Wyoming Gun Owners Support Nina Webber for Wyoming House of Representatives District 24

“Who's the pro gun candidate? It's easy to get busy and not have time to research the candidates. That's our job here at Wyoming Gun Owners... Nina Webber, 100% pro gun and she'll sponsor pro gun bills. Sandy is the incumbent. She hasn't been in office very long, but she's quickly made a name for herself in Cheyenne as that do nothing moderate.”


Nina Webber on Taxes in Wyoming:

“Wyoming is a state that values limited government and low taxes. I am strictly opposed to any new taxes in the state. As your representative, I would propose legislation to amend the Lodging Tax to not charge Wyoming residents as we travel for many reasons including medical appointments, school activities, family events and business. Recovery from the recent economic shutdown will be difficult and new taxes will only impede that process. We cannot tell new business to ‘Come to Wyoming’ and then levy a new corporate tax that eliminates the benefit of relocating to our state. The high tax burdens in other states have consistently impeded their growth. We cannot tax our way to prosperity.”


Nina Webber on Abortion:

“I am Pro-Life. I would NOT vote for any reduction or modification of that stand.”


Nina Webber on Wyoming Education:

“Wyoming has very highly rated schools in all 48 school districts with wonderful new and exciting school building projects. Faced with state revenue shortfalls, I would advocate examining each school district’s reserve funds and utilizing those prior to any other funding increases. Recalibration and tight budgeting should be the order of the day."


Nina Webber on Second Amendment in Wyoming:

“I am an avid gun collector, hunter and gun enthusiast. I truly believe in a strict interpretation of the Second Amendment that the peoples' right to 'keep and bear arms, shall not be infringed' and will oppose ANY encroachment on those rights. I belong to the NRA, SCI and WyGo. I do NOT support such schemes as waiting periods, ‘Red Flag’ seizures, limiting magazine capacity or outlawing full-autos or suppressors. The Second Amendment is an absolute and individual right. Here in Cody we have five (5) firearms manufacturers, a large firearm retail industry, world class big game guides/outfitters and the world’s largest gun collection at the Cody Firearms Museum. Firearms are our way of life here in Park County, therefore I will not vote for any further regulation of any kind.”


Nina Webber on Wyoming’s RINO Situation:

“Ask any conservative Republican about one of the biggest problems in the Capitol in terms of getting good law made and they will say: ‘Too many RINOS (Republican In Name Only)'. It is extremely fraudulent for a Democrat masquerading as a conservative Republican to campaign on conservative values and then go to Cheyenne and vote left-leaning such as new taxes, new regulations and against firearms. But we see it every session! There are viable websites/organizations who are outing these Democrats who wear the Republican label and I will do my best to defeat these types of candidates and legislators.”


Nina Webber on Rebuilding Wyoming After Covid-19:

“Wyoming will rebound back in a big way after Covid-19 and I feel I have a unique background and work experience to help the state economies to bloom back. Wyoming has two very good aspects to facilitate this: One is the $1.25 billion federal CARES money that is going to be distributed to small businesses. Two, Wyoming is unique in the fact that we have a $1.2 billion ‘Super Fund’ which is for just this type of ‘rainy day’. The Super Fund was created by conservative Republicans during the ‘Big Boom’ in 1978-1983 and will be a great help in getting Wyoming back on its feet during the most trying time in our country history since World War II. Many of Wyoming 48 school districts have large reserves that could be used as well. The oil, gas and mining industries will start back soon with the demand from the public as they start moving about to normal levels. As a business owner, I have the tools necessary to help Wyoming get back to full strength by proper legislation.”


Nina Webber on Attracting New Business to Wyoming:

“Wyoming has an unbelievably fertile environment for new out of state businesses considering relocating to us – no corporate tax, no state income tax and a wonderful way of life for future workers. We can get new business in this state! Wyoming has a wonderful work force with Wyoming values – hard working, dependable and reliable – workers who want to be in this state and enjoy its outdoor lifestyle and beauty. And there is a good pool of workers who want to relocate to Wyoming. For instance, our Governor and Secretary of State, Speaker of the House/Senate go to one of the largest trade shows in the US – the SHOT Show in Las Vegas each year and talk with outdoor related companies to come to Wyoming. They promotes not only Wyoming’s low taxes, but the wonderful environment for their workers. It has worked! In 2019 the great firearms manufacturer Weatherby relocated from the high-tax/high cost of living of CA to Sheridan, Wyoming. So we need more of our ambassadors to spread the word that Wyoming is the perfect place for their business and workers! I’d like to be a part of that!”


Nina Webber on Wyoming Health Care:

“I do not advocate the expansion of Medicaid – way too expensive. Rather I advocate bringing in more medical insurance companies to Wyoming so they can compete and provide affordable medical insurance for all of our citizens. I would advocate for better medical care in the Veteran Administration facilities and on the Wind River Indian Reservation.”


Nina Webber On Appreciation of Veterans:

“Veterans gave sacrifices – some the ultimate sacrifice – in making this country what it is today. I am a strong advocate of bettering medical care for veterans, providing new levels of support for not only veterans but the widows of veterans and children of veterans, encouraging the hiring of veterans and giving pay raises to our current armed forces. The VA hospitals and facilities in Wyoming can be improved on all levels. I also appreciate and honor our Wyoming National Guard who have done so well in guarding freedom in the Middle East.”



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